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Meet our Linguistic Engineers

Brandi Mercado – CEO

BrandiCertified in Ohio as an MWBE and EDGE organization. As the founder and Chief Executive Officer Mercado provides a compassionate hands on approach to her management style. Mercado develops and implements high-level strategies, makes major corporate decisions, manages the overall operations and resources of ALA, inc. All in a very democratic and grassroots format Mercado, is the main point of communication for any and all community and private sector ventures. Her 15 years of Interpreting experience in the Courts and Medical sector has well equipped her to oversee and manage the companies American Sign Language, professional foreign language and field specific trainers and tutors through the dynamic and highly effective business model she created. Specializing in four main areas; Legal, Governmental, Educational and Business sectors this culturally competent company has earned community recognition by their philanthropic and civic activities. ALA consulting integrates Cultural Competency Standards along with a language accessibility component. This diversifies their program to reflect a more global approach for companies that are culturally and linguistically sensitive.

Vivian Mercado – COO

As the Chief Operations Officer, Vivian is responsible for overseeing client relationships, vendor relationships, and language services. Further, Vivian maintains consistent interoperability through the office manager and business analyst. Vivian’s background as a first generation immigrant from Chile, South America as well as her experience in working with the Non-profit sector for 15 years before entering in to the private sector has assured her first hand understanding about the Translation services industry. As successful Senior corporate sales trainer and coordinator at HD Supply Headquarters, Vivian has afforded the essential knowledge to fully understand the intricacies of managing a Language Service Firm.

Michael S. Zetts III – Language Services Director

Linguistics professional with interpreter coordination experience in military and civilian domains. Experienced in Project Management with a high level of attention to detail. Fluent in Korean language. Duties include coordinating interpreter assignments, scheduling and managing translation projects, and overseeing training and tutoring programs.

Sujuan Allen – Office Manager

The Office Manager maintains communications and accountability for all ALA operations. Our upfront no holds barred Wright State Alumni, obtained her degree in Mass Communications. This has allowed Sujuan to showcase her excellent public speaking skills while she ensures Accounting is kept abreast of upcoming projects and assignments, and routes external communications.

Rivandi Phoeng – Accounting Specialist

Our most detail oriented treasure and treasurer Rivandi Phoeng has traveled all the way from Indonesia to grace us with his talents and quantitative skills. As an Accounting Specialist, Rivandi manages the company’s incoming and outgoing invoices for vendors and clients, coordinates and documents account receivable and payable information, and is responsible for managing client and vendor accounts.

Sarah Coons – Training Program Manager

Sarah’s delightful and humble demeanor she would say has come from mixture of organic ingredients and experiences from studying abroad. Sarah is certified in TESOL/TESL/TEFL instruction and holds a degree in German and linguistics from The Ohio State University. As a Fulbright Scholar, she taught English in Mainz, Germany and at a language immersion school in Berlin. She designs, plans, and executes training programs for various clients across the market. Her training programs include Business ESL, basic interpretation courses, and interpreter code of ethics training.