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Advanced Language Access Orientation for Interpreters

Advanced Language Access Interpreter Orientation and Intermediate Interpreter courses are offered quarterly. For specific course descriptions and additional upcoming meeting times please sign up to receive the Advanced Language Access, Inc. monthly newsletter.

Please fill out the registration form below. It is pertinent that you answer all questions without leaving any blanks. This form will register you for the Intro to Interpreting 3-day course plus exam at the cost of $100.00

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ALA's latest efforts have been to personally train and empower those whom aspire to assist New Americans limited in their English proficiency. Our goal is to instill techniques, improve existing talents and equip those who want to be a Global Voice. Prospective Community and Court interpreters will gain insightful knowledge about the language industry ranging from beginning to intermediate. This 3-day Orientation Course will cover: hierarchy of interpreter credentials, compliance and code of ethics, modes of interpretation and company specific procedures. All Interpreters must participate in all of the classes to receive a certificate of completion and are required to pay $100.00 before the first day of class. The class will review aspects of the industry necessary to excel and maintain consistent work. All interpreters are considered independent contractors with ALA. ALA will not obligate any interpreter to sign an exclusive contract. This course will help interpreters understand the Code of Ethics and expectations already set in place by industry professionals and consumers. Remember Advanced Language Access would like for you to join them in being a "Global Voice," you will not be restrained in your exploration of knowledge or educational and professional resources. This course will simply prepare you in achieving the certification necessary to work as a Community Interpreter. The intermediate class that follows will prepare you to take your Supreme Court exam. Once you have passed the exam with an 85% or better you will begin receiving assignments. You will receive a 1099 tax form and not a W-2 form. The responsibility to pay your own worker's compensation insurance rests with you. You should know that this is something you should have to protect yourself and you can contact most insurance agencies for details.

This letter of acknowledgement certifies that you have thoroughly read and completely understand, all the necessary requirements and criteria to become an ALA interpreter. Please submit below acknowledging that this will require a level of dedication and discipline to complete. At the completion of this course you will receive a certification approving 6 hours of the Code of ethics, 3 hours cultural competence, terminology and performance conduct and expectations.